Fun and Memorable Experience

The Pigeon Forge Gem Mine is the place to go to get your gems! This place is so fun and so great for everyone!


You can’t beat The Pigeon Forge Gem Mine for family fun that is both educational and entertaining!


Experience the possibilities of an exciting, fun, and interactive family adventure at The Pigeon Forge Gem Mine!




Give the gift of memories by buying that special someone something they'll wear every day and think about every time they look at their hand.


Our mine offers buckets with gemstones and fossils from all over the world including Right here in the Great Smoky Mountains.


Search for gems and fossils with one of our expert guides who will be on-site at all times to answer questions and provide tips - a fun, interactive way to learn!


Ready to start your mining expedition?

The Pigeon Forge Gem Mine is the place to go to get your gems! This place is so fun and so great for everyone!

buckets to choose from



Having fun on gem mining


Experience the possibilities of an exciting, fun, and interactive family adventure at The Pigeon Forge Gem Mine!


Get a glimpse of the fascinating history of rocks and fossils at our Rock and Fossil Museum in the Gem Mine General Store. This museum is a great place to learn about the history of mining and the importance


If you find a gemstone that you think would make a great ring, necklace, or bracelet, you can have it custom crafted into jewelry!

@pfgemmine These are a few of my favorites things you can find in our mining buckets! Mining is perfect for your vacation ✨ Friends and family always have a good time and kids love it! See what treasures you can find and have one of the gems made into a real cut stone or piece of jewelry 💎 #tn #tennessee #MemeCut #pigeonforge #sevierville #fyp #hiddengems #fypシ #foryoupage #gatlinburg #crystal #vacation #mining #pfgemmine #family #foryou #foru ♬ original sound - ur mom <3
@pfgemmine Are you ready for the Eclipse!? We are! We just need these clouds to leave asap 😅. What will you be doing during the Eclipse? Mining? Hanging out with family? Finding fossils and Gemstones? That is what I'll be doing ✨💖 #tn #tennessee #pigeonforge #sevierville #fyp #hiddengems #fypシ #foryoupage #MemeCut #gatlinburg #crystal #crystaltok #solareclipse #eclipse #vacation #mining #family #pfgemmine ♬ sonido original - SONIDOS LARGOS
@pfgemmine Lets see what we can find in our Biggest Mining bucket this time! There is a few really good surprises in this one 🎄🎁 This is one of the best things to do when you Visit the Smokey Mountains and one of the best things to do in Pigeon Forge Tennessee 🗻🌲🧡 #tn #tennessee #pfgemmine #pigeonforge #gatlinburg #smokeymountains #thingstodo #family #familytime #fyp #foryourpage #adventure #christmas ♬ O Christmas Tree (a) - Stuart Roslyn, Matthew James Foundling



Johnny NairJohnny Nair
16:42 20 Oct 23
Great experience all the way around, Annie is really knowledgeable about all the gems we mined out of our buckets. If I could give more than five stars I would . We really look forward to our next journey back down here. Thank you for making my family’s day!
kathy Brittonkathy Britton
17:59 15 Oct 23
Annie was so knowledgeable when it came to the gems and had so much patience while out family tried to decide lol. There were so many choices. The whole family had a great time.
Sheepy MasonSheepy Mason
19:19 11 Oct 23
I really love this place!! I will have to come back here when I visit pigeon forge again!! 10/10 rocks
Jeffrey LeeJeffrey Lee
01:24 08 Oct 23
My three year old daughter is an avid rock collector and loved this place. We didn’t do any panning but she picked out a sack full of colorful rocks and was thrilled.
Cecelia NicholsCecelia Nichols
00:26 28 Sep 23
14:13 16 Aug 23
My 6 year old had a lot of fun here and left with a nice sized goody bag filled with gems and fossils. Buckets start at $35 and are filled with sand and treasures. You sift out the sand under the trough of running water. The little gift shop was cute and we enjoyed family photos with the large stuffed sasquatch! The staff here are incredibly kind as well. We enjoyed this experience.
philip bellvillephilip bellville
00:57 20 Jul 23
Annie was fantastic!! I took 4 kids to this and she was so kind in identifying and teaching each one about the difference. It was such a great experience I brought just my wife the next day. We have done so many things this week and I keep hearing “can we go back to the gem mine”. Price wasn’t bad and we did have a few stones cut and picked up the next day. It was awesome to see something made from what was found. Thanks for the awesome experience!
Theresa Nunez - NormanTheresa Nunez - Norman
02:30 17 Jul 23
Our experience at the Pigeon Forge Gem Mine was an absolute blast! Taking the kids to this gem mine was a fantastic way to engage their curiosity and provide them with a fun experience.Upon arrival, the kids were excited to select their own gem-mining buckets. The variety of options allowed them to choose the one that appealed to them the most. They were eager to start their mining adventure and see what treasures awaited them.The gem-mining process itself was both entertaining and educational. The kids enthusiastically sat by the water, eagerly sifting through their buckets of dirt, eagerly searching for hidden gems. It was a joy to witness their faces light up with excitement and anticipation as they uncovered one gem after another.The experience provided a great opportunity for the kids to learn about different types of gemstones and how they are formed. It was a hands-on experience that fostered their curiosity and appreciation for natural wonders.The staff at the Pigeon Forge Gem Mine were friendly and helpful throughout the entire process. They provided guidance and information, ensuring that the kids had a memorable and enjoyable time. The staff's enthusiasm for gem mining further enhanced the overall experience.
Matthew DarksMatthew Darks
03:29 09 Jun 23
Always a great experience, family loves coming here each time we're in the area.Some people like to complain about the stones/fossils/etc in the buckets but it's what we come for. You go to a movie and come home with nothing but the memories; at least here the kids come home with some cool rocks too.
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