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Smokey Quartz crystals cut in the shape of Flame, Sphere, and Free For

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Product Description: Discover the natural beauty and metaphysical properties of Smokey Quartz with this exquisite crystal set. Each piece is expertly cut into unique shapes, including Flame, Sphere, and Free Form, to enhance the aesthetic and energetic qualities of these stunning crystals. Smokey Quartz is known for its grounding and protective properties, making it a must-have for crystal enthusiasts and spiritual practitioners.

Product Features:

1. Smokey Quartz Flame:

  • Shape: Flame
  • Color: Deep Smokey Gray
  • Properties: Grounding, purifying, and protective
  • Usage: Place on your altar, meditate with, or display in your home for energy cleansing and protection.

2. Smokey Quartz Sphere:

  • Shape: Sphere
  • Color: Rich Smokey Brown
  • Properties: Harmonizing, balancing, and calming
  • Usage: Hold during meditation, use as a decorative piece, or incorporate into crystal grids for balance and tranquility.

3. Smokey Quartz Free Form:

  • Shape: Unique Free Form
  • Color: Earthy Smokey Tones
  • Properties: Versatile, adaptable, and grounding
  • Usage: Perfect for crystal healing layouts, chakra work, or as an aesthetic addition to your crystal collection.

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Dimensions 4 × 6 × 2 in

Flame, Free Form, Small Tower, Sphere

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