One of the earliest fossils known is the trilobite. Children and adults alike find them fascinating to learn about due to their distinct body form and appearance, as well as the absence of any modern animals that resemble them. The head, thorax, and tail are the three parts of the body. Two parallel grooves divide each piece into two parts. Studies suggest that trilobites (and their relatives) were the first animals to evolve and acquire highly complex compound eyes with lenses, a trait observed in modern arthropods such as insects. These eyes are prominent on the head area (glabella). This section contains a wide variety of trilobite fossils from different parts of the world.



Trilobites Healing Fossils

Trilobites are used to treat headaches and eye conditions. They are also used to help with management and leadership jobs. Trilobites are segmented, hard-shelled organisms that date back more than 500 million years. One of the earliest arthropods, trilobites, thrived in the sea. It flaked off the checks when its body became too big for its shell and climbed outside to grow another one. Although Elrathia trilobite, located in Utah, is the most common fossil used by Charles Albert, its fossil distribution is found all over the world.

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