Tiger’s Eye

This stone has been popular for a long time, especially in jewelry making. The reason why it is so famous is because of its beautiful and dynamic appearance. This stone has a special way to reflect light, which makes it look like a cat's eye.


Tiger's eye is an ancient stone with a long history. It's been used in many cultures, and it has many names: tiger's eye, cat's eye, and chatoyant quartz. In addition to its protective properties, Tigers Eye is also said to help with balance and self-confidence issues by promoting feelings of warmth and contentment within the wearer.


The Stone of The Sun


Stones like tiger's eye can help you feel more powerful when you need it. Through the year, it has the energy of the midsummer solstice, the peak of life force, and the power of the sun at noon.


The Tiger's Eye is a very grounding stone that is excellent for removing negativity from the aura and should always be worn or carried during times when you feel out of balance or ungrounded

How To Use Tiger’s Eye?

    1. Carry it with you at all times to protect against negativity and stressors.

    1. Wear it as jewelry to keep those negative energies away from your body.

    1. Hold the stone in your hand and imagine all the negative energy being pulled from your body into the stone.

    1. Now visualize yourself as a shiny new person, free of negativity!
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