Do you struggle to communicate with others? Do you have something to say but are having trouble finding the right words to say it? Do you keep your truth to yourself out of a sense of fear? A Sodalite stone is exactly what you need to regain your voice and assume your power if you have, metaphorically speaking, lost it.

All About Sodalite

The significance of the sodalite stone unites your heart and mind, enabling you to talk and interact with others from the heart and ensuring that you enter into your life as the most genuine version of yourself. When your heart and your intellect are at odds, you could say or act in ways that are inconsistent with who you truly are. The Sodalite crystal meaning directs you to align your thoughts and feelings by joining these two energy centers, which may be a strong tool when it comes to communicating in your personal, professional, and other spheres of existence.

A Sodalite crystal's relaxing and comforting energy also gives you the confidence to be yourself, even if it is uncomfortable. Similar to many other blue stones, sodalite contains stress-relieving qualities that can help you achieve mental calmness when you're feeling anxious, stressed, or tight. This soothing stone energy will help you let go of any negative emotions that are holding you back from speaking your truth and being true to who you are, both with others and with yourself.


Wear it

A potent approach to stay in touch with Sodalite’s energy all day long is to wear the stone as jewelry. Your jewelry, such as your bracelet, necklace, or earrings, can serve as a constant reminder to speak up for yourself in a confident manner.

Carry it 

Along with wearing the stone, carrying a Sodalite stone around with you enables you to give your spirit an extra boost of harmonising energy whenever you need it the most. Hold your stone over your throat chakra to clear and balance this energy area if you are about to engage in a challenging conversation or are having trouble finding the words you want to use.

Place it 

The stone must be introduced into your surroundings as the final step in your crystal communication procedure. As a daily reminder to be authentic and express oneself honestly in all circumstances, post it somewhere you will see it.

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