Smoky Topaz

Smoky Topaz crystal has recently risen to the top of the list of spiritual circles' most desired stones, and for good reason—it offers therapeutic properties that are superior to those of the most popular crystals. To put it mildly, its variegated translucent colors are trance-inducing and evoke a whimsical and sentimental memory of a place we once knew but is no longer there. Its chthonic beauty overwhelms us with a wave of gentle and alluring divinity, mystifies us, and inspires us.

A silicon dioxide microcrystalline mineral (or crystal) known as smokey topaz is mostly mined and traded from Brazil and Madagascar. It was one of the earliest gemstones to ever be engraved and was initially found in 1880 by Jacques and Pierre Curie. Its history dates back centuries, primarily in Scotland where it was referred to as the “National Gem.” Smoky topaz crystal healing properties were known to the Celts and ancient Druids long before this. Because of its strong ties to the old gods and goddesses, they would include the gem into their weaponry and amulets, believing it to be a safeguard against major deceptions and calamities.

This therapeutic crystal was notably engraved in ancient Greece and Rome with either an archer-warrior (to defend the wearer from harm) or a man holding up his hand, signifying judgment (to bring good luck in matters regarding law). Smoky topaz crystal, known for its therapeutic properties and ability to drive away unfavorable thoughts and energies, was also worn by the ancient Egyptians. Smoky topaz stone healing powers are still employed in shamanic rituals today to treat physical illnesses and lessen suffering. It is a potent grounding stone with healing properties that reach the soul and physical body in addition to the intellect. Smoky topaz fosters pleasant vibrations, tranquility, intuition, self-confidence, and stability while shielding against negativity, anxiety, and depression.

According to the literature, Scorpios are passionate, tenacious, and morally upright. They have a strong sense of justice and frequently feel the need for payback, which makes them unkind to both them and other people. Scorpios benefit from the emotional balancing properties of smoky topaz crystals, which also aid to reduce impulsivity and anger. 


Outgoing and daring, Sagittarians are drawn to the mystical parts of life and like the unknown. Sagittarius folks tend to be very impulsive and enthusiastic, which frequently results in dubious circumstances and outcomes. Their overactive mind is calmed by the smoky topaz stone, which also serves as a reminder to value consistency and discipline.


Capricorns are renowned for being responsible, self-reliant, and steadfast individuals who pursue achievement at all costs. Despite being generally favorable attributes, they occasionally hold themselves to an unreasonably high standard and put this on the people they care about. Smoky topaz supports Capricorn in becoming more rational and forgiving of others.

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