Gem & fossil identification


Sea Shells



Aside from the vividly colored or peculiar seashells that are left behind by the endless waves that crash against our coastal beaches, these waves also bring other gifts from the sea. Tropical seeds and fruits that have drifted here from far-off regions like the west coast of Africa, the Amazon Basin, South America, Central America, and the islands of the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico are among the many intriguing items that have been left stranded on the beach.


Seeds and fruits known as sea-beans, often referred to as drift seeds, are frequently brought to the ocean by freshwater streams and rivers before drifting with the currents and (hopefully!) washing ashore.


However, if they drift to and into the oceans and wash ashore, we collectively refer to them as "sea-beans." These sea-beans come from trees and vines that grow along tropical shores and rain forests all over the world. The seeds or fruits fall from their parent plant into waterways, such as rivers, lakes, and oceans. While some are indeed beans, many are not technically beans at all.

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