When most people hear "Sapphire," they immediately see a rich royal blue, and similarly to Amber, the name of the stone has come to be associated with that color.


However, in addition to the typical characteristics of the group, sapphires can also be found in the colors yellow, green, black, and purple, each of which has a special vibration and quality of its own.


Each shade of sapphire is thought to contain a unique wisdom, earning it the moniker "the wisdom stone." Focus is improved and the mind is calmed by sapphire. It addresses undesired thoughts as well, making it a wise choice for anyone trying to stop over-thinking or over-analyzing.

  • Sapphire can bless your journeys and your travels when it is placed in the north part of your house or workplace.
  • You will improve your wisdom if you place it on the northeast side. You will be able to attract more love if you are positioned on the southeast side!
  • A balanced energy flow can be achieved by placing a piece of sapphire in your residence, place of employment, or business. Additionally, it will improve your ability to solve problems, make your relationships more harmonious, and attract positive energy.
  • The energy centers and meridians can be cleaned, cleared, and balanced using all the colors of this lovely stone when utilized in energy therapy. This allows for the free passage of healthy energy throughout the body.
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