The ruby gemstone, also known as Manek, Ratanraja, is regarded as the king of gems. It is well known for its astrological advantages in addition to being one of the most priceless pieces of jewelry. Leo and the gemstone are both connected to the sun. Although there are many other shades of red in ruby, the one that most closely resembles pigeon blood is regarded as the greatest. One of the most well-known jewels among kings and queens was this one.

  • It supports individuals’ academic and professional goals.
  • It raises one’s economic and social standing.
  • It strengthens parental ties.
  • It gives the bearer the mental fortitude to reason clearly.
  • It increases vigor and sparks imagination.
  • It bestows knowledge and love.
  • It protects the user from negative spirits and encroachments.
  • It aids in the treatment of gout, sleeplessness, and ulcers.
  • When worn by a woman, it arouses passion and power, while when worn by a man, it boosts his sense of masculinity.


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