Moonstone has been around for as long as the moon itself. Its secrets, along with our own hidden truths, are sealed away behind a pearly veil. We can only begin to learn what it has to teach us through the light it reflects. In order to find what is missing—the pieces of the soul left behind or forgotten—and bring them to light, the moonstone is first and foremost a talisman of the internal journey.

A tangible link to the moon's energy since the dawn of time, moonstone serves as a protective amulet for travelers, a passionate gift from lovers, a conduit for prophecy, and a way to wisdom. We have significant ties to the moon. It shapes the rhythms and tides of our mother Earth as she waxes and wanes in cyclic perfection, and it has an impact on our actions, feelings, and spiritual development. Moonstone stimulates and relaxes us while teaching us about life's natural rhythms.

Roman jewelry has featured moonstones for about 2000 years, and it is even older in the East. It is a customary wedding present in India and has long been revered as a precious stone with particular meaning for lovers. In Europe, it was thought to bring together lovers who had split up and to treat insomnia, making it a popular choice for jewelers during the Art Nouveau era. Because of the safety it offers, particularly at night, and because of its inspiring quality of hope, moonstone is known as the traveler's stone and has long been worn as a talisman to improve personality.

Moonstone, also known as the Traveler’s Stone, is particularly helpful for warding off danger when traveling at night or on the ocean when the moon is out. Regular travelers ought to keep one in the glove box for nighttime driving safety and as a defense against road rage.

Moonstone helps one accept love by opening the heart to its nurturing properties. If love must be kept a secret, it is a reassuring talisman and a great crystal for first or new love. It was also thought to be capable of reuniting estranged family members. 

Moonstone is also known as the stone of sexuality and love, awakening one’s kundalini energy and sensual urges. It is the supreme crystal for fertility. A moonstone necklace, when worn during romantic activities at full moon, integrates the body into the lunar cycle.Alternately, create a grid of thirteen moonstone crystals for fidelity or fertility with a circle representing each month around a bedroom and one in the middle under the bed.

As a stone of professional assistance, moonstone encourages CEOs to have a heart and feel, supports instructors in sharing activities, and helps dancers and artists express themselves. It encourages sensitivity in psychologists and secretaries while improving self-acceptance in waiters and waitresses.

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