Modern Arrowhead

All About Arrowhead


Arrowheads are among the most immediately recognizable type of artifact found in the world. Untold generations of children wandering around in parks or agricultural fields, or stream beds have discovered these rocks that have definitely been fashioned by humans into pointed working tools. Our childhood infatuation with them is presumably why there are so many misconceptions about them, and almost certainly why those youngsters occasionally grow up and study them.


Not All Pointy Objects Are Arrowheads


Arrowheads, which are objects attached to the end of a shaft and shot with a bow, are merely a minor subset of what archaeologists refer to as projectile points. A projectile point is a large category of triangularly pointed objects made of stone, shell, metal, or glass that have been used to hunt game and exercise combat throughout prehistory and the world. A projectile point has a sharp end and a wrought piece called the haft that allows the tip to be attached to a wood or ivory shaft.


There are three types of point-assisted hunting tools: spear, dart or atlatl, and bow and arrow. Each style of hunting necessitates a pointed tip with a specified physical shape, thickness, and weight; arrowheads are the smallest of the point varieties.

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