Nature's own artistic expression is what makes Jasper so special: golden sunlight, a starry night sky, poppy fields or a lush forest, desert sands, the undulating ocean, red rock canyons, and soaring mountains. Each stone is a work of art from the Creator, bold and adolescent in design, substantial and earthy in form, and radiating a warm, mellow energy that connects with the primal self.

Jasper is an earth elemental stone whose slow, steady frequency is in harmony with the planetary electromagnetic fields. It enables one to be more aware of nature and their surroundings, as well as more present in their physical body. It rekindles a sense of the spiritual connection we hold with all living things and urges one to cherish moments of solitude to take in, reflect on, and connect with these energies.

Jasper, also referred to as the "Supreme Nurturer," is a stone of stability and grounding that offers consolation and security as well as strength and healing. Its presence restores harmony and peace to the aura and serves as a reminder that one is not on the physical plane just for oneself but also to bring happiness and substance to others.

Jasper can help you relax and reduce tension by being worn or carried. The aura is stabilized, and all negative energy is removed by its purifying function. It is an excellent stone for driving away nightmares or negative thoughts, and it makes the perfect worry or rubbing stone for calming the nerves and improving one’s focus.

When someone is injured, ill for a long time, or in the hospital, jasper is excellent for mending and nourishing the physical and emotional bodies. Its earth energies help one understand and put up with these trying or painful events while gradually restoring strength and vigor.

Jasper is a great diet stone because it increases physical vitality while also providing emotional support and self-discipline strength. Its gentle, constant vibration aids in avoiding extremes and inspires tenacity. For extended fasting periods, it is also helpful.

Jasper is an exceptional talisman for reducing or quitting smoking, and it may also help with alcoholism. Over time, it helps the body rid itself of toxic chemicals and helps people let go of the emotional triggers that keep the behavior going.

When put over the heart and navel chakras, this stone can be utilized to balance the chakra energy to enable secure astral travel. It is very calming and grounding, and it can be applied to encourage dream recollection.

Jasper is thought to promote joyful pregnancies and enhance fertility. It is an effective regenerator of sperm and aphrodisiac, especially when paired with garnet or topaz.


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