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All About Quartz Crystal


The most prevalent and extensively dispersed mineral in the crust of the world is quartz. It is made up of silicon and oxygen (silicon dioxide). The majority of metamorphic and igneous rocks, particularly gneiss and granite, include this crystal, which can be generated in a variety of methods. Quartz is present in gravels and alluvial sands because it is resistant to weathering.


In dense druses and masses, prismatic hexagonal crystals of quartz are found. Because it is so plentiful, quartz crystal is also incredibly cheap. Of all the crystal families, quartz is the most adaptable. There are many crystal jewelry pieces in it, and there are more color options available in both transparent and opaque varieties.


With a Mohs hardness value of 8, it is a durable stone as well. The stone is very common, and you can mine it anywhere in the planet. The US, the French Alps, Madagascar, Brazil, and the St. Gotthard massif in the Swiss Alps are the notable locations for the stunning huge quartz crystals.


The Meaning and Uses


It is thought that the word "quartz" comes from the old German word "querkluftertz," which describes whitish vein quartz. It's also thought that the word "quartz" comes from the ancient Greek word "krustallos," which signifies ice. This is due to the fact that both the Greeks and the Romans thought that quartz crystals were made of ice that never melted and were created by the Gods.


As far back as Lemuria and Atlantis, where the sun's power was thought to be captured through this crystal as a source of solar energy refraction, quartz has been revered throughout history by practically every civilisation. Quartz crystals were utilized in diagnostic therapy, spiritual development, and meditations, as holy objects, in grave sites, and undoing magical and bad enchantments by African tribes, Native American Indians, Aztecs, ancient Egyptians, Scots, Romans, and numerous more cultures.


The pyroelectric and piezoelectric capabilities of quartz crystal, which allow it to convert mechanical heat or pressure into electromagnetic energy and vice versa, are well known. It is utilized in timepieces, ultrasonic devices, radio receivers and transmitters, microphones, computer memory chips, and other electrical circuitry applications and can help you focus, store, magnify, and transform energy.


The clear quartz crystals are the most multidimensional and adaptable gemstones in the mineral kingdom for meditation, healing, communication with guides, expansion of consciousness, attracting wealth and love, past-life recall, and practically any purpose thanks to these same energy programmability, amplification, and memory properties.


In order to shield your auric fields from outside negative ions, quartz crystals can also produce a strong force field of therapeutic positive ions. Additionally, it can eliminate static electricity and counteract the negative effects of radiation and radioactivity.


Physical- The clear quartz crystals, known as the master healer, can be utilized to treat any illness or physical condition.

However, it is thought to primarily activate your immunological and circulatory systems, improving energy flow and restoring balance to your body. Additionally, this stone is said to help stabilize motion sickness or dizziness as well as alleviate headaches, migraines, and vertigo.

Additionally, this healing stone helps with weight reduction, metabolism, and tiredness. As an elixir, clear quartz can assist in detoxifying your body, treating any digestive issues, bladder and kidney infections, and even treating diarrhea.

Emotional- In order to link the physical form of dimension with your mind, the quartz crystal functions as a profound soul cleaner that can improve and purify both the internal structure of your body and the surrounding subtle bodies.

Additionally, these healing gemstones have the power to draw out inner negativity and replace it with happy emotions and thoughts. This stone can help you perceive the world more clearly, boost your mental clarity and awareness, and have more energy, patience, and perseverance. It can also teach you to love, laugh, and live in harmony with all people.

Protection– The transparent quartz crystal’s transparency can be used to shield you from harmful energy. This gemstone is perfect if you wish to stay away from hectic and unfavorable situations as well as those who are full of negativity.

Quartz crystal can help shield you from these harmful forces while bringing positive and uplifting energy into your life.

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