All About Bloodstone 


Bloodstone (Heliotrope), a deep, earthy green gem flecked with vivid crimson streaks, was once regarded as the most beautiful of the Jaspers. Its energy, which was first referred to as the Sun Stone and then as the Christ's Stone, is pure like blood and speaks naturally of life and birth, vitality and power, passion and courage. It is mysterious and magical as a talisman, and its qualities are nurturing and protection.


The most well-known tale surrounding this stone dates back to the Middle Ages and holds that the "Blood Stone" was created during Jesus Christ's crucifixion when the blood from his wounds dropped upon the emerald earth and hardened.


Another account claims that the Green Jasper lying at the foot of the Cross, upon which the blood of Christ, flowing from the fatal spear-thrust, fell, gave rise to the Bloodstone variety of Jasper.


Bloodstone is still revered as a gem of noble sacrifice and can give courage and comfort to anybody who feels obligated to sacrifice oneself for the benefit of others. It brings out the best, most selfless qualities in individuals who wear or carry it.


It has been used for healing until Mesopotamia five thousand years ago, and it has a connection to blood and organ detoxification. In various cultures, Heliotrope was applied to the body after being immersed in cold water to promote blood flow, impart the power of the sun, and treat wounds or ward off illness. Due to its well-known coagulant function, ancient warriors frequently carried Heliotrope as a charm for bravery and protection in addition to its useful properties.


Bloodstone was ground, powdered, and combined with honey to treat tumors, draw out snake venom, and stop bleeding. It was claimed that the Bloodstone could eliminate the putrefaction of abscesses in a single day and that by gazing at it might ward off eye disorders.

What is Bloodstone good for?


When motivation is low, bloodstone works well as a talisman of good health since it gives you a mental boost and can revive your body and mind if you’re feeling worn out. It also provides grounding energy and acts as a talisman of protection. Bloodstone improve one’s ability to act with courage, strength, and determination. It offers emotional support when faced with severe adversity.


How do you cleanse Bloodstone?


Bloodstone can be purified by soaking it in pure spring water, or it can be reconnected to nature by being buried in the ground for a night.


How do you charge Bloodstone?


The same techniques used for cleansing can also be used to charge bloodstones. These include soaking in sunshine or moonlight, swishing through water, and burying in soil.

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