Black Murex Shell

These stunning shells belong to the murex snail family. The seashell is mostly white, but its spires are black. A young shell is practically completely white and as it matures turns darker. We provide a selection of sizes in the black murex seashell, which make a perfect addition for any beach theme.


Muricanthus nigritus shells can grow to be 75-200 millimetres (3.0-7.9 in) long. These big shells are black and white with black or dark brown stripes. Around the body whorl and spire, the shell surface is covered in small spikes. Porcelain white is the color of the aperture.


This species is fairly similar to Hexaplex radix. The shells of these two species differ mostly in length, width, and the proportion of black to white. Moreover, shells of H. nigritus are more oblong and have more black spines .

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