Ammonites were shelled cephalopods that became extinct approximately 66 million years ago. They have fossils all around the world, sometimes in very high numbers. Ammonites were formed with tiny shells on which they developed new chambers as they grew. They would relocate their complete body into a new chamber and use septa to shut up their former, now too-small living quarters.


Growing shells of ammonites typically formed into a flattened spiral known as a planispiral, however a variety of morphologies evolved over time. Shells can be loose spirals or tightly curled whorls that touch. They can be either flat or helical.


How Do Ammonites Contribute to Science?

Ammonites can be a valuable resource for scientists. Since they are so widespread and evolved so quickly, they can be used to assist identify the age of the rocks in which they were fossilized.


Much of Europe's Mesozoic-aged rock has been divided into 'ammonite zones,' where rocks from different regions can be linked together based on the ammonite fossils discovered in them.

Healing Properties Of Ammonite

Ammonites are an extinct group of aquatic animals that are thought to carry the spirit of change and personal progress. It is a grounding fossil associated with the third eye and root chakra that encourages spontaneity and empowers the wearer to face the uncertain. They are also thought to alleviate pain of childbirth and provide relaxation. Because of its circular layout lifestyle, it helps its wearer retain breathing.


Ammonites emit a significant positive Earth energy that serves to activate and balance the heart chakra. With the anchoring merits, it gives further enhancement of the bearers’ physical realm well-being and is also used in previous life flashbacks. It is a special gift for a person since it enables them to integrate their experience in harmony with Mother Earth’s natural patterns and balance. Because it carries the energy for kinesthetic feeling, the Root Chakra is a step toward change that causes a difference. It is a source of physical and spiritual energy for the body, and it also helps the physical body regain strength and tenacity.


Ammonite aids in the removal of karmic material and destructive thought patterns, as well as the attainment and enhancement of personal power inside the personality. This artifact also aids in the release of depression and the discovery of purpose.

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