In our General Store we have a large Jewelry Department. You can find many pieces, form cute costume jewelry for children to 14 kt gold pieces with precious stones. We also have our Assayer’s area in which you can order custom jewelry from the stones you have mined in our Mine. If you want your stone cut we can do that also.


Buy a bucket of dirt and mine it for the stones, making sure you keep all the bigger stones no matter what they look like.

After you are finished mining, you take you the stones inside to be identified by one of our trained Assayers. They will let you know which one can be cut and how big of a gem you can get out of it.

The next stop for the stone is the lapidary for cutting and polishing by a professional stone cutter.

Next, the stone goes to one of our jewelers for professional mounting into the setting you chose.

And the final step will be to pick up the finished ring (or have it shipped to you if you will not be in town when it’s finished).