1. Are the stones real? All our stones in our buckets are real.

2. Where do the buckets come from? We get our stones from all over the world and mix them together. No one place would have a mix of stones this large.

3. Are you buckets Salted, seeded, enhanced? Yes, this way we can have the different sizes and make sure that everyone find nice stones in their buckets.

4. Is there Gold in the buckets? No, just Fools Gold. We do sell inside our General Store Gold Kits to go that come with a bag of Gold Ore, but our flumes are too narrow for Gold Panning.

5. Can you ship a bucket of mining dirt? At this time we do not ship any of our mining dirt.

6. Can we buy on line any of the things on this site? At this time no. The site is not set up for selling, picture are represented of things that we have. Our stock is always changing - new things are added and old are sold out. The only exception is the rings, pendent's and earrings that we put the stone cut form mining in. And for them you must call the mine first.

7. What are your hours? Why don’t you list your hours online? Our hours vary different times of the year - opening depends upon the time of the year. Call us at 865-453-4733 for our current opening time. Closing can be different everyday since it is depended on business. In the Summer season we have been open latter than midnight and in Winter off season we have closed before 4PM. Bad weather can also cause early closings and in the winter late openings. This makes it hard to list hours that we are open. On our Facebook page we will try to post when our opening changes .