About Us


Our Mine is a recreation of the old Ruby and Sapphire mines that were in the Cowee Valley in North Carolina in the mid - 1800’s. The miners would divert a stream onto a flume and dig buckets of dirt from the diverted stream bed, and then wash away the dirt and clay using screened boxes in the flume. With luck they would find a few stones after a day of digging. Some areas proved better than others, but by the 1930’s they knew no one was going to get rich mining for the Ruby’s and Sapphires, although the town of Franklin, NC (located in the Cowee Valley) refers to itself as the Gem Capital of the World. The remaining mines were open to the public so they could mine for a price.

Our mine, unlike the mines we are fashioned after, have buckets with gemstones from all over the world, including Franklin, NC - and our gems are in sand instead of clay and dirt. So, a bucket or two will bring you more gemstones than the old miners would find in a week!